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How to Reach a Global Audience Using Effective Translation

Organizations of all sizes realize the benefits of searching beyond the borders of their own countries to find customers.…

David Ciccarelli
January 11, 2022

International SEO for Small Businesses

The internet gives small businesses a huge opportunity to sell internationally. We explore the best international and multilingual SEO…

Connor Brooke
August 20, 2016

Multi-Language B2B Market Development: Beyond Words

The European Union (EU) is the world’s largest economy, towering over the US, China and India respectively by quite…

James Spillane
February 4, 2016
B2B Marketing

5 Things Global Companies Should Know About Language Translation Service Providers

When your company hires a translation service, your goal is to get an accurate translation of a document, interview,…

Jay Leonard
November 27, 2015

E-exporting: Fast-Track, Low-Cost Digital Content Repurposing and Deployment

If you’ve been following this three-part series on rapid and effective local language e-export website development, you’ll know that…

James Spillane
May 24, 2015

E-exporting: They’re Looking at Us. Is it SEO or Something We Said?

Website visibility is critical to any online enterprise. It’s an absolute given, and this applies as much to local…

Connor Brooke
May 20, 2015

E-exporting: Making the Connection

To grow, or even survive, in the crowded markets of today means seeking, continually connecting and competing in new…

James Spillane
May 13, 2015

Transnational Website Content Marketing Strategy: Language is One Thing, Culture is Another

The rationale behind a content marketing strategy is to, working in conjunction with a marketing pipeline calendar, deliver marketing…

Jay Leonard
March 5, 2015
Content Marketing

Four Techniques to Fast Forward Your Global e-Commerce Sales

E-commerce is big business. No, scrap that – it’s HUGE and will only increase as internet penetration grows and…

Connor Brooke
July 8, 2014
Online Marketing

Does Your Website Speak Spanish? 3 Best Practice Tips on Translating Your Website

Spanish is the second-most spoken native language throughout the world behind Mandarin. It is also the third-most spoken language…

Alan Draper
June 16, 2014
Tech & Gadgets

The Unique Challenges of Protecting Intellectual Property in Korea: Part III of an Interview with MultiLing’s Adam Bigelow

More than 200,000 patent applications were filed with the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) during 2013, an 8.3 percent…

Alan Draper
June 9, 2014
World News

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