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Why Tax Could Be a Hidden Threat to a Successful Holiday Season

The holiday season looks a bit different these days. Gone are the long lines of consumers waiting outside of…

Liz Armbruester
November 18, 2021
Customer Experience

Top Tax Deductions For Small Businesses

What Small Businesses Owners Need to Know to Maximize Returns Tax season can be a very hectic time for…

Connor Brooke
April 3, 2017

A Quick Guide to Retirement Planning

Many people work their entire lives with one goal in mind: Retirement. It’s one of the most important life…

Connor Brooke
November 6, 2015

Yes, Chicago Has a “Cloud Tax” and Here’s What it Means

Chicago is known for its museums, lakefront, baseball, hot dogs, skyscrapers, deep dish pizza and now, a cloud tax?…

Jay Leonard
September 9, 2015
Cloud Computing

5 Tax Deductions To Know Before Filing

Every spring, taxpayers leave an estimated $1 billion on the table because they don’t take advantage of all the…

Connor Brooke
March 3, 2014

The Facts on France’s Millionaire Tax

The news that France’s highest court has now approved a 75% tax rate on the country’s high earners has…

Jay Leonard
January 7, 2014
World News

The UK as 100 Taxpayers [Infographic]

Tax neutrality is a required key mechanism for simplification of the tax system. Every individual is liable to pay…

Jay Leonard
January 3, 2014

USA: Online Retailers May Not Have the Lowest Prices for Much Longer

Online retailers in the U.S. have a huge financial advantage compared with their counterparts in over-the-counter trade. Due to…

Connor Brooke
July 2, 2013
Online Marketing

Top 7 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Bookkeeping Operations

The rise of the online community has changed the way in which we do business forever.  It has brought…

Connor Brooke
May 6, 2013

You Are Not Alone — 10 of the Most Tax Procrastinating Cities in America

If you’re anything like me and the rest of my immediate circle of friends, family and colleagues, you’re spending…

Jay Leonard
April 13, 2013

5 Essential Things To Do Before Opening an Offshore Company

Opening an offshore company can have many benefits, but it takes careful planning to get it right. Registering a…

James Spillane
April 9, 2013

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