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The Apple Mac 1 Computer Signed By Steve Wozniak Sold For $650,000!

The Apple Mac 1 Computer is a truly rare thing to see after it was discontinued in 1977, and…

Alan Draper
September 10, 2013
Tech & Gadgets

The Ultimate Apple Addict Pilgrimage [Infographic]

Born in 1955 in San Francisco, Steve Jobs moved to Mountain View, Santa Clara with his adoptive parents when…

James Spillane
May 2, 2013

Who is Foursquare’s Biggest Mayor?

In the 1970s, Coca-Cola wanted to teach the world how to sing (in perfect harmony). Today, Foursquare wants to…

Connor Brooke
April 8, 2013
Mobile & Apps

7 Online Criminals With Degrees Who Were Brought To Justice

What happens to a hacker once the law catches up with them? One would expect the worst, because geeks…

Jay Leonard
May 14, 2012
Online Communities

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