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Victory Through Video [Infographic]

The Internet has done a remarkable job at making the world a very connected place. Mobile devices and tablets have…

Jay Leonard
December 9, 2013

4 Traits of Compelling and Socially Shareable Videos

Video has become the single most important and effective medium for content marketers, and its popularity continues to grow. Google…

Alan Draper
November 22, 2013
Social Media

3 Things to Consider When Designing a Logo – #TheBeard

Welcome to the first installment of "90 Seconds of Design with The Beard,” a weekly video series featuring me, Spencer…

Alan Draper
August 25, 2013

Game On for Social Video

If there was ever a moment that crystalized the advent of the social video age, it was the recent unveiling…

Jay Leonard
July 11, 2013
Mobile & Apps

How to Achieve Success in Social Video Marketing

If you are planning to carry out a social video marketing campaign as a means of increasing the number of…

Alan Draper
June 3, 2013
Digital Marketing

Why Everyone Should Learn to Code [Video]

Just like you might learn a language like French or Spanish, it has become more and more relevant for the…

Connor Brooke
May 31, 2013
Tech & Gadgets

YouTube Paid Channels: What Do They Mean For Your Brand?

YouTube introduced a pilot program called YouTube Paid Channels. So far, about 50 paid channels have the ability to charge…

Jay Leonard
May 10, 2013

5 Social Video Myths Busted

There is a strong temptation to treat anything touted as ‘new and exciting’ with world-weary suspicion. In the fickle world…

Alan Draper
May 6, 2013
Digital Marketing

Should Your Process Change For a Responsive Web Design?

If you're thinking of building a responsive website design (RWD) for your business it's important to approach the project with a…

Jay Leonard
April 12, 2013
Online Marketing

How to Use Video Marketing To Get More Sales and Increase ROI

We recently posted a video on our Marketing Technology for Growth blog: Should Video Marketing Be your Next Move? At…

Alan Draper
April 2, 2013
Digital Marketing

Social Media: What Mistake Are You Making?

We see a lot of brands out there creating profiles on every possible social networking site available. Unfortunately, many brands…

James Spillane
March 15, 2013
Social Media

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