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5 Questions to Ask About an Influencer Before a Campaign or Brand Partnership

Partnering with an influencer is one of the best ways for a brand to increase their reach across a platform…

Jay Leonard
September 24, 2015
BrandViews / Union Metrics

Proven Social Strategy to Accelerate the Inventive Process

These days, we see new, dramatic innovations in technology with considerable frequency. Moreover, when we consider the past decade or…

Jay Leonard
September 9, 2015
Business Innovation

How Sports Brands Use Social Media To Create VIP Reward Programs

In today’s information friendly world, everyone is a sportscaster, sideline photographer, analyst, and coach. Fans today have the ability to…

Connor Brooke
August 25, 2015
Social Media

4 Ways Branded Snapchat Content Is Different

Recently we looked at how Snapchat has evolved for brands, but we wanted to dig a little deeper into how…

Jay Leonard
July 21, 2015
BrandViews / Union Metrics

Social Media Marketing: It’s Complicated.

I work from home part of the week. As a part-time office jockey, when I do turn up I’m relegated…

Jay Leonard
November 26, 2014
Social Media

Context, Key To Enterprise Social Success (a.k.a. Why Most Social Initiatives Fail)

There are many things that we need in life and in this day an age you don't have to look…

Jay Leonard
May 28, 2014

8 Facebook Status Updates Your Fans Don’t Care About

When posting updates to your Facebook page, it is important to know what not to post. Certain posts will alienate…

Jay Leonard
February 25, 2014

3 Keys for a Strong Company LinkedIn Profile

Many business owners make the mistake of thinking that LinkedIn is only beneficial for them when they are looking for…

Connor Brooke
February 24, 2014

How to Optimize LinkedIn for Search

LinkedIn has become the social network for professionals. It’s no longer just an electronic Rolodex of your business acquaintances. LinkedIn…

James Spillane
February 18, 2014

Social Media Strategy: Tips For Small Business

As we approach the beginning of 2014, it is now widely accepted the role of social media in business will…

Jay Leonard
December 6, 2013
Small Business

How Social Intelligence is Revolutionizing Market Research

With billions of daily consumer conversations taking place across the open social media universe, millions of which are specifically focused…

James Spillane
June 20, 2013
Business Intelligence

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