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Social Commerce: What Is It and Why Should It Concern You?

Let me begin this with a cliché – The future of business is on the internet. We’re all out…

Devansh Khetrapal
January 25, 2021
Social Selling

Easy Steps to Create a Social Media Strategy [Infographic]

Over 3.2 billion people use social media daily. This equals nearly 42% of the world’s population. To reach this…

Gaurav Sharma
July 22, 2019

Social Media + UX: The Perfect Pairing

The days when businesses used to consider UX as something that should concern only designers are long gone. Smooth…

Jay Leonard
May 8, 2019
Social Media

Facebook Isn’t Enough: Use These 4 Social Strategies If You Want to Reach Generation Z

Parents might be all over Facebook, but their children aren’t following suit. This means the 70 million companies using…

Jay Leonard
December 26, 2018
Social Media

Ignoring Engagement On Social Networks Could Be Disastrous For Your Influencer Marketing Campaign!

Likes, comments, and shares are the currency of social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter: The higher an influencer’s…

Alan Draper
May 30, 2017

Facebook Still the Top Social Site [Infographic]

Pew Research Center has released their latest findings on Social Media usage. They report that, today around seven-in-ten Americans…

Alan Draper
January 12, 2017

Generation Z Has Arrived, Four Tips to Marketing to the Post-Millennials

Just when you have finally figured out how to balance your marketing strategies among the Boomers, Generation X, Generation…

Jay Leonard
March 10, 2016

Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Digital Media [Infographic]

In 2014 Black Friday set new US online sales records and generated $2.4 billion. This year it is predicted…

Connor Brooke
November 25, 2015

How Employers Use Social Network Checks to Screen Job Seekers

Many employers have made social network checks a standard part of the talent acquisition process. A 2015 Harris poll…

Connor Brooke
September 25, 2015
Human Resources

Video and Twitter: A Budding Friendship in 2015

The relationship between video and Twitter is changing quickly in 2015. First, the company launched Video On Twitter, allowing…

Alan Draper
April 19, 2015

Twitter’s ‘While You Were Away’ Feature Rolling Out To More Users

The burgeoning significance of social media in today’s world is not only unprecedented but also undeniable. The social giants…

Jay Leonard
January 1, 2015
Tech & Gadgets

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