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Now on Mobile: Four Strategies to Increase Reach and Engagement with Facebook Trending

Last January Facebook announced Facebook Trending. Designed to take-on a perceived Twitter strength, Trending lists topics and hashtags that have…

Jay Leonard
March 16, 2015

7 Social Mobile Apps Marketers Should Know About

The rampant consumer adoption of mobile has many implications. It is becoming clear that the continuing evolution of social…

Jay Leonard
February 22, 2014
Social Media

Social Mobile Local is the New Reality for Business

Thanks to the Internet, the rise of digital marketing is organically playing out like a three-act play. Act I…

Jay Leonard
May 21, 2012
Social Media

5 Ways Pepsi’s Use of Social Media is Right On

The rise of social and mobile is rewriting the marketing playbook for even the most established companies. While many…

James Spillane
May 18, 2012
Social Media

Social Mobile Consumers Want it All and They Want it Now

The shocking pace of US smartphone adaptation has quickened two prevailing social mobile trends: 1) a heightened demand for…

James Spillane
May 16, 2012
Social Media

The Busy, BUSY Executive’s Guide to Winning with Mobile

The introduction to Google’s new mobile-focused content piece, The Busy Executive’s Guide for Winning with Mobile, (AKA the Mobile…

Jay Leonard
April 30, 2012
Mobile & Apps

What the Rise of the Mobile Consumer Means for Your Business

The world is going mobile at an exponential rate. Consider two facts: FACT: Apple sold more iOS devices in…

James Spillane
April 16, 2012
Online Marketing

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