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Know Your Role On Social Media … Or Shut Your Mouth About ROI

The term 'social media ROI' has a never-ending debate associated with it, but one of the issues with this debate…

Connor Brooke
May 15, 2013
Social Media

4 Social Metrics You Can Easily Track – And You Should

You have invested time and money to integrate social media into your marketing strategy, and have used it as a…

Connor Brooke
April 12, 2013
Social Media

The Silver Bullet for Effective Social Media Measurement

I have been doing a lot of work with clients lately on social media analytics and using several different tools to…

Connor Brooke
April 11, 2013
Social Media

8 Simple Steps to Start With Pinterest Web Analytics

Pinterest launched the Pinterest Web Analytics tool yesterday, allowing Pinterest users to track which content the social web finds most…

Connor Brooke
March 13, 2013

Influence: Five Surprising Findings On SMBs and Social Media

Yesterday Vocus released a new study: Path to Influence: An Industry Study of SMBs and Social Media.  The survey questioned…

Frank Strong
September 13, 2012
Social Media

Mission: Abominable (Empire Avenue Don’ts)

Its getting ugly in Empire Avenue Mission cheating and complaining: this is where I see the most inconsideration – on…

James Spillane
May 9, 2012
Social Media

Measuring Social Media: A Step-by-Step Guide for Newbies

In recent posts, I have taught our readers how to grasp the basic concepts required for monitoring and managing social…

Alan Draper
April 13, 2012
Social Media

Scaled Rewards That Would Grow the Empire Avenue Userbase

Empire Avenue Motivates us to Build The Community   Shouldn’t the rewards for doing so be scaled? When you are…

Jay Leonard
March 14, 2012
Social Media

8 Step Social Media Blueprint

Something that's been on my mind lately is the number of questions I get about social media ... specifically, how…

Jay Leonard
February 25, 2012
Social Media

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