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7 Ways to Make Digital Marketing Work For Your Business

The marketing world we know today has a significant history. It started ages ago as an as simple method…

Vartika Kashyap
February 17, 2020
Digital Marketing

How to Prove Your Social Media Efforts Affect Business Goals

Social media programs are consuming a greater share of marketing budgets. How much incremental business will the resources dedicated…

Jay Leonard
May 3, 2016
Social Media

Digital Marketing: 5 Ways To Reach More Customers Through Social Media Channels

When a new year arrives, it usually marks a turning point on our lives which calls for some new…

Jay Leonard
January 14, 2016
Social Media

How To Transform Social ROI From Myth Into Reality

Here’s a question I still get way too often: “What’s the ROI of social media?” It’s usually a B2B…

Jay Leonard
April 12, 2014
Social Media

6 Common Social Media Myths (Debunked)!

Although social media is now a hot topic and core strategy for marketing professionals, some traditionalists have shied away…

Connor Brooke
January 8, 2014
Social Media

7 Trends That Will Drive Marketing Success in 2013

Every year, at this time marketers get their heads down to analyze results of past year and plan for…

Jay Leonard
January 10, 2013

Is There Potential In Pinterest For Your Small Business?

The recent explosion of different social media channels is making it easier for people to connect and share similar…

Jay Leonard
June 20, 2012

Why Companies Need Social Media Marketing

After reviewing the marketing data from this month’s Super Bowl Sunday, I can’t help but reflect on the vast…

Jay Leonard
February 23, 2012
Social Media

How to Bring Together and Manage Social Media Channels

Social media channels have rapidly gained dominance in the internet world. With each passing year, internet users are spending…

Jay Leonard
April 16, 2011
Social Media

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