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Joining the Conversation: Why Social Media Listening Tools Matter!

Social media has revolutionized the way brand managers market their products, and celebrities showcase their star power. But, more…

Janhvi Johorey
October 18, 2021
Social Media

We Analyzed A Million #Halloween2020 Social MediaPosts – This Is What We Learned

Despite restrictions, Halloween made a splash this year, at least on social media. There were over 963.7K posts with…

Mariana O'Connor
November 13, 2020
Social Media

6 Best Tools and Services for Content Marketing in 2020

Content marketing generates three times more leads than paid search marketing. Unless you’re an extremely well-resourced company, planning, producing…

Ashwini Pai
January 9, 2020
Content Marketing

How Analytics Can Impact Your Social Media Performance

Social media platforms are one of the best places for businesses to connect with consumers. Marketers and businesses are…

Connor Brooke
November 21, 2019
Social Media

4 Ways To Use Social Media Analytics To Maximize Your Efforts

All my blog readers know I love social media analytics. I can’t stress how important it is to keep…

Alan Draper
November 8, 2019
Social Media

How Brands Can Respond to Rising Risks of Boycotts

Consumers are more inclined to boycott businesses than ever. Reasons for boycotts are numerous. Boycotters might accuse companies of…

Connor Brooke
September 13, 2019
Public Relations

How Social Media Listening Greatly Benefits Nonprofit Organizations

Most nonprofit organizations post their announcements on social media, typically Facebook and Twitter. Far fewer nonprofits use social media…

Connor Brooke
February 12, 2019
Non-Profit Marketing

How Accurate is Social Media Sentiment Analysis in Measuring Consumer Opinion?

Many companies use social media measurement to gauge consumer sentiment toward their brands. Rating social media comments on a…

James Spillane
August 20, 2018
Social Data

What Your Brand Needs to Know About Dark Social

Dark social is not as scary as it sounds, but you should still be paying attention to it. If…

James Spillane
January 19, 2018
Social Media

8 Steps for Building a Data-Driven Marketing and PR Team

Data can guide and improve marketing and PR decisions on audience acquisition, media outreach, messaging and other communications strategies.…

Connor Brooke
January 17, 2018

10 Simple Ways to Greatly Improve Your PR Measurement this Year

PR pros will face growing pressure in 2018 to prove how their activities contribute to the organization’s sales funnel…

Jay Leonard
January 16, 2018
Public Relations

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