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Avoid These 3 Common Mistakes in Social Media Marketing and Advertising

How difficult can running a social media channel be? From a personal perspective, it’s intuitive and easy. On a…

Elise Stieferman
March 8, 2021
Social Media

7 of the Best Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Ecommerce Website

Creating an ecommerce website has become so easy that almost anyone who has a product to sell can create…

Shane Barker
February 1, 2021

11 Tips to Make Your Sponsored Social Media Posts Stand Out

Advertisements come in many different shapes and sizes, but all have one thing in common: the need to stand…

Young Entrepreneur Council
January 26, 2021
Social Media

3 Reasons You Should Incorporate TikTok into your Marketing Strategy

So, it’s 2020 and you finally figured out using Facebook to market is a great plan. You may have…

Laura Donovan
January 22, 2020
Social Media

5 Ways to Make Smarter Social-Ad Buys in 2020

Social media continues to be a marketer’s best friend; remaining one of the most effective channels marketers can use…

Jay Leonard
December 13, 2019
Social Selling

Facebook Lead Ads and 3 Ways to Use Them

Facebook Lead Ads are paid ads that allow businesses (organizations, etc.) to collect sign-ups for newsletters, price estimates, business…

James Spillane
November 1, 2019

New Facebook Features Aimed to Improve Messenger for Business

Facebook announced a few new tools and platform updates for the Messenger app last week. The new features are…

Connor Brooke
September 3, 2019

Facebook Watch Provides Advertising Value

Facebook Watch is the video-on-demand service operated by Facebook. Launched in August 2017 it provides original video content that…

Connor Brooke
July 30, 2019

Facebook Changing Its Mobile Ad Format

On August 19, 2019 Facebook will be changing the text and aspect ratios on its Mobile News Feed. This…

James Spillane
July 22, 2019

Facebook Updating & Improving Ads Manager and Business Manager Features

Facebook announced today, they are working to make advertising on the platform easier and more successful for all businesses.…

Alan Draper
April 18, 2019

4 New Additions to LinkedIn’s Advertising Platform

LinkedIn has been doing a bit of renovation work on their Advertising Platform. They are in the process of…

James Spillane
April 17, 2019

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