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The Rise of the Brand Advocate

What’s the difference between a customer and a brand advocate? More importantly, how does it affect your company’s social marketing…

Alan Draper
September 9, 2013
Loyalty Marketing

Analysis: How Amazon’s App Store Can Overtake Google & Apple

If phones were cars, the screen would be the dashboard, the CPU would be the engine, the battery would be…

Jay Leonard
September 2, 2013
Mobile & Apps

We All Agree, Right? Affiliate Marketing is Starting to Suck.

It's amazing how candid people can be when they don't realise (or don't care) that you're listening. Here's a direct quote from…

Connor Brooke
August 7, 2013
Affiliate Marketing Category

Social Shopping: How Brands Can Capitalize

By now, whether with hugs and shouts of joy or with tears and dragging feet, we’ve all (hopefully) accepted that…

Alan Draper
July 17, 2013
Social Media

Five Ways Gamification Can Ignite Your Retail Sales This Summer

I have no idea how fruit machines work. Sure, I get the 'line up three bunches of cherries to win'…

Alan Draper
July 3, 2013

Setting Goals for Facebook Marketing

The first step of planning a marketing campaign is setting goals. You need to decide what you want to achieve…

James Spillane
June 24, 2013

3 Social Media Trends Every Merchant Needs to Know

We are constantly hearing how the social media and tech space in general is moving at an unprecedented speed, but…

Alan Draper
June 20, 2013
Social Business

How To Test The Waters Of Social Couponing

When it comes to driving sales through social media channels the going can get tough, and lines may seem blurry.…

James Spillane
June 19, 2013
Online Marketing

Daily Deals: Why They Need to Die… and STAY Dead!

Ugh. Here's something we thought we'd seen the back of: the daily deal. Oh sure, Groupon and its legion of…

James Spillane
June 17, 2013
Consumer Marketing

Currys Got This So Wrong. Tesco Got It So Right.

We're living in pretty cool times. We've invented duster socks for cats. Science has blessed us with bacon-scented cologne. Even advertising's…

Connor Brooke
June 11, 2013
Digital Marketing

Online Selling: How to Price your Products

Running an online store is all about providing convenience to the customers. You save them the effort of going out…

Connor Brooke
May 14, 2013
Online Marketing

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