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Customer Service Is an Investment Without Immediate Returns – The Zipper Story

Trying to make a quick buck is just that, trying to make a quick buck. You can amp things up…

Jay Leonard
September 9, 2014
Customer Experience

5 Ways to Make the Most of the Summer Downtime

With the exception of a few seasonal companies, August is a sluggish month for both large and small businesses. Clients…

Alan Draper
August 14, 2014
Small Business

How Not To: 5 Twitter Traps Businesses Should Avoid

The half-billion search engine results for “how to start using Twitter for business” tell a heck of a story: small-…

Jay Leonard
August 7, 2014

The Country’s Best-Kept Secret for Startup Seed Funding

When it comes to raising capital for a tech startup, savvy entrepreneurs know how important it is to hustle. From…

James Spillane
July 29, 2014

The Cloud Storage Industry and 3 Solutions for Your Business [Infographic]

As cloud computing has become a more reliable, affordable and secure technology over the past few years, more businesses have…

Connor Brooke
June 29, 2014

5 Key Indicators of a Reliable Cloud-Based Communications Provider

Technology has made it possible to conduct business around the clock, around the world. Due to this, home offices, telecommuting…

Jay Leonard
June 20, 2014

What SMEs Can Learn From Amazon

Thanks to their size and/or level of turnover, smaller companies occupy a particular place in the market. It’s tempting to…

Connor Brooke
June 16, 2014
Customer Experience

Putting an End to Excuses: New Solutions to Answer SMBs Reasons for Not Getting Online

Within the past decade, advances in technology continue to exceed the expectations of today’s generation. The ability to arrange travel,…

Jay Leonard
June 3, 2014
Online Marketing

Four Ways to Use Guerrilla Marketing for Your Small Business

When most people think "guerrilla marketing", they think of startups, which is arguably the industry where the term and tactics…

Jay Leonard
June 3, 2014
Small Business

9 Media Interview Tips for Start-Ups

Start-ups have a lot going on.  Not only do they have very few resources doing development, looking for beta customers,…

Connor Brooke
May 19, 2014
Public Relations

Social Media: The Intern’s Job

As a small business, you’ve likely had the discussion about creating a presence on Social Media. You know it’s an…

James Spillane
May 18, 2014
Social Media

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