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How Cities Are Becoming Smarter With Big Data

Cities are growing at alarming speeds as they become highly populated and more urbanized. Citizens are living in closed…

Connor Brooke
May 23, 2019
Big Data

Smart Cities: Fulfilling the Promise of Technology in Local & State Government

The global economy is in constant turmoil, governments are challenged to provide levels of service that typically only private…

Jay Leonard
March 15, 2018
Business Innovation

Why Smart Cities, Businesses, and Homes Will Transform Your Life

Our world now moves so fast that we seldom stop to see just how far we have come in…

Connor Brooke
March 13, 2016
Business Innovation

Smart Cities – Seeing the Invisible and Doing the Impossible

By sheer definition, the word “impossible” connotes something that simply cannot be done. But we all know the impossible…

Connor Brooke
October 10, 2015
Business Innovation

You Can’t Ground the Internet of Things

As the number of connected devices in the home, work and public environment grows, there are more Internet of…

Connor Brooke
December 9, 2014
Tech & Gadgets

Tech Revamps in Prolific Places: Touch Screens in Museums, Libraries with APIs

When it comes to restoring historical buildings or cultural landmarks, there is a certain amount of sensitivity needed in…

Connor Brooke
July 17, 2013
Tech & Gadgets

Smart Cities: A Brave New Digital World

Inspired by a post a few weeks ago regarding the digitization of New York City’s beloved institutions, our team…

Alan Draper
June 30, 2013
Tech & Gadgets

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