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The One Thing Amazon, Airbnb, IKEA, and Uber Do Better Than Everyone Else

What do Amazon, Airbnb, IKEA, and Uber all have in common? If you said four very successful companies, that…

Jay Leonard
August 13, 2018
Business Innovation

Leading a Virtual Team? Do These 4 Things To Avoid Common Pitfalls

Working from home — even for part of the time — has many advantages. It saves money on office…

Jay Leonard
January 12, 2017

13 Tools That Help Teams Succeed

2015 was a year of some pretty major shakeups across many huge industries around the world, leaving many marketplaces…

James Spillane
January 16, 2016

This New Skype App Translates Speech In Real Time, Tearing Down Language Barriers

A new Skype app that translates voice calls between both parties is now available, and it just might help…

James Spillane
December 15, 2014
Tech & Gadgets

Skype For Web Bringing Video Calls To Browsers Without Need Of Outlook

Today, Microsoft is introducing the beta version of Skype for Web, an audio and video calling service specifically designed for browsers.…

Connor Brooke
November 14, 2014
Tech & Gadgets

The Ultimate Guide to a Skype Interview

Skype is the most useful communication tool today. Period. It’s that simple. Skype users find their mates, enjoy new…

Connor Brooke
May 20, 2014

Should You Still Get an Xbox One?

Right now, the Playstation 4’s fanboys are having a field day. Some of The Motley Fool’s and Yahoo’s bloggers…

Jay Leonard
April 22, 2014
Tech & Gadgets

The Untapped Potential of eCommerce Video Chat [Infographic]

Can you imagine video chatting with customer service?  Video chat is one of the fastest growing channel of communication.…

Alan Draper
April 9, 2014

Is it Possible: Replace Your Cell Phone Carrier with Apps

When Facebook shelled out $16 billion for mobile messaging app WhatsApp in February, it had many Americans scratching their…

Jay Leonard
April 1, 2014
Mobile & Apps

Three Obstacles to Using Skype or Google Hangouts for Business Meetings

There’s no shortage of freemium ways to communicate: Skype, Google+ Hangouts, Facetime, and many many more. But for businesses…

Jay Leonard
March 17, 2014

Stop Avoiding Skype Video Calls; Learn How to Look Your Best

Skype is a great tool that helps you maintain a relationship with your clients and save money on travel…

Connor Brooke
October 22, 2013

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