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Insights from a First-time CEO

I am a Silicon Valley veteran, and I’ve been around more blocks than I care to admit. I’ve spent…

Aaron Burcell
April 1, 2020

Fixing the Gender Imbalance in Tech

What do you imagine when you think of a programmer, an entrepreneur, or a CEO? If every picture you…

Jay Leonard
March 20, 2019

Women Still a Rarity in Venture Capitalism

Looking for venture capitalist funding? Well, you’d best get to the back of the line if you’ve got an…

James Spillane
February 20, 2018

Where Will the Next Steve Jobs Come From?

Dashing expectations, US president-elect Donald Trump has already signaled that much of the inflammatory rhetoric he employed during his…

James Spillane
November 25, 2016

Your Phone Can Save the World

Nonprofits are tasked with addressing the most urgent needs facing humanity, and I was initially drawn to the field…

Connor Brooke
January 5, 2016
Social Business

What’s So Wrong About Giving Away $45 Billion?

  By now, you’ve seen the earth-shaking philanthropy headlines. After the birth of their daughter, Mark Zuckerberg and his…

James Spillane
December 31, 2015
Social Business

Journalism and the Ethics of Engagement

Storyful Global News Editor David Clinch somewhat churlishly described the relationship between publishers, platforms, and audiences as “a really…

Connor Brooke
November 21, 2015

Top U.S. Cities for Small Businesses to Thrive

No matter how brilliant your business plan may seem, the location where a business begins can play a large…

Connor Brooke
May 19, 2014

5 Reasons Utah is the New Silicon Valley

When it comes to the state of Utah, most people think of great snow or the beautiful mountains. However,…

Connor Brooke
October 22, 2013
Tech & Gadgets

Software and Tech Startups Spread Beyond Silicon Valley

Although Silicon Valley is still the leader for technological innovation, many cities across the U.S. are proving fertile ground…

James Spillane
April 29, 2013

Five New Year’s Resolutions All Marketers Must Adopt

Well, we dodged the Mayan doomsday, the solar flares that were going to scramble all electromagnetic systems on the…

Connor Brooke
January 11, 2013

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