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What Your Startup Needs to Know In Order to Avoid Cart Abandonment

We’re all guilty of it. Spending an hour or more surfing the web’s best shopping sites, searching for clothes,…

Jay Leonard
January 18, 2017
Customer Experience

Shopping Cart Hacks For Lower Abandonment Rates

How to Lower Your Cart Abandonment Rates? Almost 70% of the customers abandon their shopping cart. That is when…

Silviya Dineva
September 7, 2016

13 Ways to Combat Shopping Cart Abandonment

Imagine if shopping in the real world were the same as shopping online. You walk into a supermarket or…

Alan Draper
March 22, 2016

Top 3 Reasons Customers Click Away from Your Shopping Cart

Almost 70% of online shoppers abandon their shopping carts before they make an actual purchase, according to the Baymard…

Jay Leonard
October 12, 2015

Email Remarketing Along the Conversion Funnel

Email remarketing is arguably the single most powerful tool in an online marketer’s toolbox when it comes to reigniting…

Jay Leonard
July 6, 2015
Email Marketing

What’s Hindering Your Shopping Cart Abandonment Campaign

One Sunday afternoon, I went to my favorite “independent” grocery store, leisurely filled my cart with delicious munchies for…

Connor Brooke
July 15, 2014
Online Marketing

Online Marketing Strategies to Increase Online Revenue

If you are an online retailer or e-commerce site it’s easy to say that your bottom line is maximizing…

Connor Brooke
June 16, 2014
Online Marketing

5 Simple Ways to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Let’s help you save shopping carts from abandonment Cart abandonment has become one of the biggest problems for online…

Connor Brooke
April 10, 2014
Online Marketing

Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate Set To Rise in 2012

In 2011, the shopping cart abandonment rate continued its rise, reaching a new all-time high of 72 percent by…

Connor Brooke
January 18, 2012

Lucky Brand Reports Double Conversion Rates and Tripled Ecommerce Revenues with SeeWhy Conversion Manager

SeeWhy, Inc., the real-time shopping cart recovery company, today announced that California denim retailer Lucky Brand doubled conversion rates…

Jay Leonard
December 3, 2011

Why Free Shipping Is The Top Holiday Promotion For Black Friday And Cyber Monday

It’s official: Free shipping is the shoppers’ top retail promotion of choice, driving the majority of customers to buy…

Connor Brooke
November 17, 2011
Consumer Marketing

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