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Going Serverless with AWS Lambda

In recent years, some of the greatest innovations in IT have come out of cloud computing. IoT, machine learning,…

Alan Draper
September 24, 2019
Cloud Computing

AWS EventBridge: Revolutioning Serverless or CloudWatch Events 2.0?

The AWS Summit conference tour landed in New York two weeks ago which brought with it two key announcements…

Alan Draper
July 22, 2019
Cloud Computing

5 Cost Saving Tricks to Reduce AWS Cloud Hosting Bill

Mingled among the multitude of reasons to move from on premise hosting to the cloud is often cost savings.…

James Spillane
May 24, 2019
Cloud Computing

Trends in Enterprise Software Development – 2019 and Beyond

Organizations on the cutting edge, the trendsetters, define the way others approach and conduct business, no matter the industry.…

Connor Brooke
January 16, 2019
Tech & Gadgets

What is Serverless and What it Means for You – Part 3: Kubernetes and Serverless

Kubernetes is an open-source solution for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. The business value provided by…

Alan Draper
November 30, 2018
Cloud Computing

What Serverless Is and What it Means for You – Part 2: Challenges and Considerations for Choosing the Right Serverless Solution

AWS Lambda? Azure functions? Openwhisk? Fission? As you’re considering Serverless and looking for ways to get started (with shedding…

Jay Leonard
November 29, 2018
Cloud Computing

What Serverless is and What it Means for You – Part 1

Serverless Computing has emerged in the past year as a compelling architectural alternative for building and running modern applications…

Connor Brooke
November 28, 2018
Cloud Computing

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