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RPA vs. Traditional Automation – What’s the Difference? [Infographic]

We, as a generation and mankind recently outlined a critical milestone in our progress. Not too long ago, a robot…

Connor Brooke
August 29, 2018

The Future of Outsourcing Starts Simple with RPA

Robotic process automation is poised to significantly change the way companies large and small look at business process outsourcing. Outsourcing,…

Jay Leonard
April 25, 2018
Business Intelligence

Does Your Business Want AI or RPA?

Business process automation is a multi-billion-dollar industry where new services crop up every day under the “automation” heading. Nearly 20%…

Connor Brooke
April 12, 2018
Business Intelligence

AI, ML, and the IoT Mean Hollywood Is Losing the Race for Futuristic Auto-Experience Accolades

It's the year 2035. Detective Del Spooner auto-cruises through a futuristic tunnel in his spherical, mid-engine sports coupé. Comfortably lounging…

Jay Leonard
March 13, 2018
Customer Experience

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