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What is Artificial Intelligence? How Is It Affecting Humanity?

Artificial Intelligence is the science and practice of designing software and intelligent systems that exhibit artificial intelligent behavior. The…

Shadab Khan
December 31, 2021
Tech & Gadgets

Future Tech Jobs That Do Not Exist Yet

Currently, with automation replacing humans, many workers are at risk of losing their jobs. While the IT sector is…

James Spillane
September 11, 2019
Human Resources

Why We Need to be Mindful of Who Programs AI

One thing Artificial Intelligence can’t be is prejudiced. It should be impossible; machines don’t suddenly decide to hate, they’re…

Connor Brooke
May 31, 2018
Business Intelligence

Before Robots Can Outsmart Humans, the Tech Industry Has a Lot of Work to Do

Technology that can cure cancer is a feasible and realistic outcome, but we’re not there yet. Here’s what needs…

Jay Leonard
March 20, 2018
Big Data

Stop Fixating on the ‘Artificial’ in AI Because It’s Actually an Evolution of Our Own Intelligence

Like many people, I feel apprehension whenever I hear or read the phrase “artificial intelligence.” The expression often evokes…

Connor Brooke
December 18, 2017
Big Data

Virtual Reality Will Impact Tech Careers

Virtual reality has been a concept for a long time. Several tech companies have attempted to develop useable and…

Alan Draper
March 16, 2017
Tech & Gadgets

Conversations with Chatbots

Why would I spend my time talking to a robot? As a marketer, I am always looking for ways…

James Spillane
January 11, 2017
Social Selling

The Optimistic Side of the Robotic Revolution

Imagine a world where every object you interact with can communicate back—a world where robots, technology, and automation are…

Jay Leonard
December 9, 2015
Business Innovation

OK Go Releases New Video ‘I Won’t Let You Down’

OK Go has released a new video the song “I Won’t Let You Down” and it doesn’t fail to…

Jay Leonard
October 27, 2014
Social Buzz

Building Tomorrow’s Workforce: Hot Jobs in Robotics

And all this time we’ve been worried about zombies. Ends up, the apocalypse may not involve the flesh-eating undead…

Connor Brooke
June 9, 2014
Trends & News

Google’s Crawler Now Understands JavaScript: What Does This Mean For You?

Last week Google announced a significant change to their crawler’s behavior. The “Googlebot” finally has the ability to interpret…

Alan Draper
May 30, 2014

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