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Building a Team: Employee Retention Tips

Employee retention and engagement is critical for the success of any company. A 2019 Gallup report found that the…

Cynthia Joyce
September 29, 2021
Human Resources

3 Tips for Improving Company Culture for Better Retention — Even with ‘Boomerangers’

Around a year ago, the unemployment rate soared to nearly 15%. For the past few months, that number has…

Nicole Durham
May 10, 2021
Workplace Culture

6 Simple Ways to Foster Loyalty Among Ecommerce Customers

Marketing professionals invest so much time, money, effort, and attention into driving traffic to our websites and converting website…

Connor Brooke
July 7, 2018
Loyalty Marketing

More Human than Human: How HR Departments Can Use Big Data

By definition, your human resource department is a resource for the humans you employ. Though it may sound anti-intuitive,…

James Spillane
January 2, 2018
Human Resources

3 Ways to Retain Customers in Subscription Retail

Right now, the popularity of the subscription-box industry is at a peak. Internet Retailer reported that subscription-based retail has…

Alan Draper
February 9, 2017
Loyalty Marketing

5 Reasons Not to Quit Your Job in 2017

As I valiantly fought the annual Christmas lights battle again this year, detangling the matted mess of strings that…

Jay Leonard
December 15, 2016
Human Resources

To Promote or Fire? A Leader’s Guide to Managing an Intermittent Employee

My new high-end coffee brewer drives me absolutely insane. It brews the absolute perfect cup of java – hot…

Connor Brooke
May 16, 2016
Human Resources

Why Does Customer Loyalty Matter?

Business owners sometimes say that getting customers is one of the hardest parts of business. Landing customers can be…

James Spillane
February 12, 2016
Loyalty Marketing

The Era of the Empowered Employee

Indeed.com, the biggest job site in the world, commissioned an end-of-year study showing that more than 50 percent of…

Connor Brooke
January 22, 2016
Human Resources

Why In-App Revenue is a Poor Measurement of Success

The variations in mobile apps range from shopping, to reading, to gaming, and the list goes on. Many apps…

Connor Brooke
January 1, 2016
Mobile & Apps

Fancy Employee Perks Are B.S. Create Better Teams For Long-Term Retention

It feels as if every day a company is coming up with an insane perk that gives them some…

Connor Brooke
October 26, 2015
Human Resources

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