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What’s Next for Beacons in Retail?

  Although the US beacon-triggered sales topped $ 44 billion last year, the beacon technology hasn’t reached mass adoption in…

Connor Brooke
June 30, 2017
Business Innovation

That Was Easy: Retailers Must Simplify Shopping in a Complex World

Shopping today is an experience in choice: consumers can shop in person, on a desktop or from a mobile device.…

Jay Leonard
April 22, 2017
Customer Experience

10 Ways Machine Learning Will Transform the Everyday Digital Experience

Machine learning is creating a foothold in the business world, especially when it comes to innovative digital experience, and Web…

Jay Leonard
February 22, 2017
Business Innovation

3 Tricks for Treating Your Customers to a Seamless Shopping Experience

Today’s connected customers have no trouble finding retailers that deliver what they want, when they want it. A recent survey…

Jay Leonard
October 31, 2016
Customer Experience

Reimagining Retail: 3 Ways Digital Technology is Changing the Way We Shop

Make no mistake about it—the technology around us is impacting every aspect of our waking lives. We’re living in a…

Alan Draper
March 30, 2016
Business Innovation

10 Retailers Making a Mark With Proximity Marketing Campaigns

With close to 4 million beacons deployed globally, last year was arguably the best year for proximity marketing yet. To…

Jay Leonard
February 20, 2016

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