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Boxing Day 2013 Statistics

The dust has settled, all the presents are now unwrapped, dirty dishes fill the sink, and there is only the…

Alan Draper
January 6, 2014

Cyber Monday 2013: Taking Stock and Looking Ahead

Now is a perfect time to digest the takeaways with Cyber Monday 2013 in the books and discover what the busiest…

Connor Brooke
December 9, 2013
Customer Experience

Has Black Friday Lost Some Of Its Retail Magic?

Ok raise your hand if you knew the term "Black Friday" was first coined in the City of Brotherly Love, my…

Jay Leonard
November 27, 2013
Consumer Marketing

Facts About Grey Thursday, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday!

Thanksgiving signifies a time of year where people gather with their families and reflect upon what they’re thankful for. It’s…

Connor Brooke
November 26, 2013
Trends & News

Why Old School Is Key For Retailers This Holiday Season

Not long ago I received a copy of Deloitte’s annual survey of holiday spending intentions and trends and it, not surprisingly, contains some…

James Spillane
November 11, 2013

Known Problems Causing Massive Compliance and Wastage Issues

A current survey of large national and regional retailers in America provides disturbing information about in-store merchandise planning and execution.…

Connor Brooke
October 31, 2013

Retail Marketing: Maximizing Your Customer List

In my previous article 5 tips to list building for retail, I showed you various tips to building a retail marketing…

James Spillane
October 11, 2013
Consumer Marketing

Online Retail Sales Are Down, And Why Some Retailers Don’t Care

Question for you: If you're retailer and you get a sale but you're not sure where said sale came from,…

James Spillane
October 4, 2013
Online Marketing

Why Retailers Need To Get Comfy And Cozy With Brand Ambassadors This Holiday Season

Not sure what part of the world you live in but here in the northeast U.S. fall has arrived and…

Jay Leonard
September 27, 2013

Does Your Ticketing System Hamper Your Retail Business?

Retailing isn’t easy. Every retailer is unique and every ticket represents a specific opportunity to communicate your offer to the…

Alan Draper
September 9, 2013
Consumer Marketing

Wanelo: Pinterest’s Younger, More Attractive Sister

Wanelo, (“wah-nee-lo,” from Want, Need, Love”) an e-commerce site seemingly similar to Pinterest, is changing the way consumers shop online.…

Jay Leonard
September 5, 2013
Social Selling

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