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Personal Brand – Your Key to Success

We are all in marketing – marketing ourselves and our careers. Every step you take in advancing your careers is…

Alan Draper
July 16, 2013

How Hiring Managers See Your Resume

A resume is a form that you make out to show to potential employers in order to give them a…

Jay Leonard
February 19, 2013
Human Resources

Five Ways Resume Lies Hurt You

You don’t need to be told that the job market is tough for new grads. You probably have friends looking…

Jay Leonard
February 12, 2013
Human Resources

Making The Most Of Your Online Job Application

Many employers require that job seekers complete an online application as part of the hiring process. The application is typically…

Alan Draper
February 8, 2013
Human Resources

Don’t Overuse These Buzzwords in LinkedIn

The business networking site LinkedIn has released its annual list of overused buzzwords – verbiage that is written too often…

Connor Brooke
December 15, 2012

Essential Guide to Creating a Social Media Savvy Resume

In challenging economic times, how do you stand out in a crowd of candidates, all vying for the same position?…

Alan Draper
July 18, 2011
Social Media

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