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12 Tips for Publishing a Wikipedia Article to Boost Your Online Reputation: A Complete Guide

It goes something like this: A CEO or executive discovers a competitor’s Wiki page because it appears very prominently in…

Connor Brooke
August 1, 2018

Why Businesses Need to Monitor Fake News Sites

Businesses and celebrities have been under growing attack from websites that publish fake news. Every day, unscrupulous characters publish hundreds…

James Spillane
July 18, 2018
Crisis Management

Putting Out the Fire: Why You Need a Reputation Policy in Place

How it happened and Why it’s important to have a reputation policy. My client was getting ugly complaints from all…

Connor Brooke
February 22, 2018

Online Reviews and the New Buyer’s Journey

40,000 every second, 3.5 billion each day, 1.2 trillion per year. According to Internet Live Stats, these figures reflect the…

Connor Brooke
November 19, 2017
Digital Marketing

If Your Business Gets a Negative Review, What Should You Do?

It’s bound to happen. Unhappy customers in a mobile world are a tough combination for business. Dissatisfied patrons seem almost…

Alan Draper
July 5, 2017
Customer Experience

5 Ways Bad Reviews Are Good For Business

No one likes a bad review. Business is personal, whether we like it or not. And it’s especially personal when…

Connor Brooke
April 29, 2017
Online Marketing

Online Reviews – Manage Or Be Managed

With some 115 million reviews on Yelp alone, there is no doubt that online reviews and the pursuit of “social…

Alan Draper
February 24, 2017
Customer Experience

Why Reputation, Credibility and Trust Are the Currency in the Sharing Economy

The rise of social media has led to us becoming our very own PR manager. There is an increasing pressure…

James Spillane
May 6, 2016

Call Center Tactics: Surviving a PR Crisis in a Digital Age

Your call center can rescue you from a massive PR nightmare. For brand managers, the web is technology’s greatest gift…

Alan Draper
May 1, 2016
Public Relations

Johnson & Johnson Reputation in Danger After Massive Lawsuit

When you’re marketing products to the parents of newborns, those products better be safe. More often than not, they seem…

Connor Brooke
March 2, 2016

Why 2016 Could Be the Year Reputation Management Explodes

If you’re one of the unfortunate millions disparaged by useless ‘rant’ sites like Ripoff Report or Complaints Board, 2016 could…

Connor Brooke
January 6, 2016
Consumer Marketing

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