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The 3 Biggest Rebranding Blunders

The potential is so promising: a striking new name, a more relevant promise to customers, the greater ability to…

Jim Heininger
September 30, 2021

The Single Most Important Rule In Rebranding – This Is Not the Time to Make Little Plans!

We call it the “Golden Rule” of rebranding. It is the single most important goal when rebranding your organization,…

Jim Heininger
September 2, 2021

12 Critical Elements of a Successful Rebranding Strategy

There may come a time in a company’s life cycle when a rebrand is necessary. Those companies considering a…

Young Entrepreneur Council
August 10, 2020

What to Consider When Rebranding

Are you ready to overhaul your brand? If you’re falling behind competitors or struggling to reach consumers, tweaking your…

Brandon Purdum
May 12, 2020

Everything You Need to Know About Rebranding

We live in an everchanging world where the ability to adapt is necessary to succeed. This is also true…

Grant Polachek
April 30, 2020

10 Things to Remember When Planning to Rebrand

Rebranding can be a great opportunity for any business to start afresh and build a loyal customer following, but…

Alan Draper
August 9, 2019

9 Reasons To Rebrand

To rebrand or not to rebrand? Your brand should never be something you wake up one day and decide…

James Spillane
September 28, 2016

How Often Should You Refresh Your Brand?

When’s the last time you ordered new business cards? How long have you had the same website layout? Think…

Jay Leonard
January 8, 2016

Does Your Brand Need a Facelift?

Is it time to rebrand your business? Arriving at the answer might be a more complex process than you…

Connor Brooke
November 8, 2015

What Google’s ‘Alphabet’ Restructure Can Tell Us about the Dos & Dont’s of Rebranding

This week tech conglomerate Google shocked the public and investors alike when it announced a restructuring of its assets…

Jay Leonard
September 8, 2015

Five Things TNT’s ‘Dallas’ Reboot Taught Us About Rebranding

A few years ago, when it was announced that TNT would be rebooting the legendary nighttime drama Dallas, fans…

Alan Draper
January 5, 2015

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