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Can Bitcoin Eventually Replace Real Estate as Asset of Choice to Fight Inflation?

Financial lenders have long turned to property and real estate as the de facto asset class of choice to…

Tom Sheen
September 21, 2022
Crypto News

Explaining to Old People How Professional Blogging Works (in Layman’s Terms)

When you’re at a family gathering, it’s normal for one of your older relatives to ask you what you…

Connor Brooke
July 7, 2015

Social Media: The Bottomless Bank Vault

I know what you’re thinking. “Here we go again!” Social media, the one topic everyone likes to discuss but…

Jay Leonard
April 22, 2015
Social Media

Google Capital Invests In India’s largest Online Real Estate Platform, CommonFloor

Common Floor, an online real estate program released a statement on Thursday mentioning that they have received an undisclosed…

Jay Leonard
January 8, 2015
Tech & Gadgets

The Most Expensive Homes In America (Infographic)

Most homeowners are concerned with maintaining their yards, keeping the plumbing functioning, and doing small upgrades to keep their…

Connor Brooke
August 15, 2014

A Sushi Burrito: The Real Estate, Natural Resources, Family Office and Crowd Investing Conference

Mix real estate, natural resources, family office, and crowd investing into one conference? This sounds akin to a restaurant…

Jay Leonard
July 2, 2014

What’s Handicapping First-Time Homebuyers?

For months and months now we’ve been pointing to seemingly obvious economic data to prove that the U.S. housing…

Jay Leonard
March 24, 2014

Sin Stocks Posting Impressive Gains in Struggling U.S. Economy

As the investing adage of the day goes, “When the going gets tough, the tough get eating, smoking, and…

Jay Leonard
March 21, 2014

What’s Happening in the Copper Market Should Alarm You…

There is something going on right now in the copper market that should alarm you. Over the past week,…

Alan Draper
March 17, 2014

How to Profit from the Weakening Housing Market

It doesn’t take much to get the bulls excited when it comes to the U.S. housing market. Solid new-home…

Alan Draper
February 28, 2014

Why Gold Looks Good to Me in 2014

Just the other day, I was talking to a friend of mine who seemed extremely cheerful. I asked why,…

Connor Brooke
January 29, 2014

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