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Amazon One Biometrics Now Being Used by Panera Fast Casual Restaurant’s Loyalty Program

Customers of popular US bakery chain Panera Bread will soon be able to buy their food and collect their…

Joel Frank
March 23, 2023

Recover Accidentally Deleted Whatsapp Message With ‘Accidental Delete’ Feature

WhatsApp now allows users to restore a message they unintentionally deleted from a chat. The feature has been made…

Krishi Chowdary
December 22, 2022

The Best VPNs For The USA In 2023 | Unblock Content With a US VPN

US VPNs have gained incredible popularity over the last few years as a simple, affordable way to hide internet…

Nick Saraev
October 21, 2022

5 Reasons Every Company Needs to Be Ready for a Compliance Audit in 2021

Data privacy is often overlooked in today’s digital landscape, but stakeholders are increasingly recognizing privacy as a competitive imperative,…

Isaac Kohen
January 12, 2021

Rise Through the Ranks and Become a Cybersecurity Ninja [Infographic]

Online consumer security is under siege on a near-daily basis — from personal data breaches, identity theft and more.…

Paul Lipman
October 29, 2020

How to Implement Digital Innovation in a Post-Pandemic World

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic will eventually come to an end, but not before it’s given rise to the creation…

Tim Scott
September 8, 2020
Business Innovation

What Does a VPN Do to Protect Users’ Privacy and Anonymity?

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) have become synonymous with data security and privacy. They help you encrypt online activities so…

Dan Radak
May 13, 2020

5 Privacy Best Practices When Working Remotely

With national lockdowns in place due to COVID-19, millions of new remote workers have jumped online to start working…

Jared Polites
April 22, 2020

Is the Coronavirus Killing the GDPR?

In practice, the COVID-19 crisis has put regulatory powers on hold but as things stand, two forces seem to…

JC Gaillard
April 16, 2020

Startups: Your Most Valuable Asset in the Long Run Will Be Your Customers’ Trust

Bake it in from the start: “Moving fast and breaking things” will become a thing of the past as…

JC Gaillard
March 12, 2020

CES 2020: Has Privacy Become Just a Talking Point For Tech?

Data privacy has been a hot button topic for several years now, and, to no one’s surprise, has become…

John Hernandez
January 17, 2020
Customer Experience

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