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2 Ways to Gain the Competitive Edge by Always Meeting Customer Expectations

Industries may be different in many ways, but the expectations of customers are the same. Customers want a seamless…

Gabriel Smith
October 28, 2021

How to Assess an Embedded BI Vendor’s Customer Relationship Before You Buy

Our relationships with enterprise software vendors are almost as important as the products themselves, and nowhere is this more…

Mike Brody
July 21, 2021
Business Intelligence

Importance of Prices in e-Commerce. Cost-plus vs Value-based Strategy

With the rapid growth of e-commerce over the last year, more and more companies are forced to offer their…

Amadeusz Bathelt
June 10, 2021

How Can Big Shops Guarantee ‘The Lowest Prices or Money Return’ Policy?: About Dynamic Pricing in Commerce

Have you ever seen a shop whose prices were always the cheapest in the comparisons? Probably they were even…

Amadeusz Bathelt
May 26, 2021
Consumer Marketing

Estimating the Cost of Embedded Business Intelligence Solutions

Business intelligence (BI) solutions are costly, and embedded business intelligence solutions even more so. Why? Because embedded solutions have…

Mike Brody
April 19, 2021
Business Intelligence

10 Ideas to Improve Your 2021 Marketing Plans

Since this post won’t go live until shortly into the new year, let me break my own rule of…

Dave Wakeman
January 7, 2021

3 Ways to Think Through Your Marketing Mid-Pandemic

As the coronavirus continues to disrupt the lives of people all over the world, trying to manage your business…

Dave Wakeman
November 16, 2020

Want to Build a Profitable Business? Avoid These 4 Pricing “Strategies”

When you’re trying to build a business it’s easy to assume the #1 thing you need to focus on…

Michelle Palacios
February 12, 2020
Small Business

10 Things to Consider When Opening A Business

Opening a business can be an exciting time in your life, but it also entails a number of decisions.…

Jay Leonard
April 20, 2018
Small Business

Are You Bridging “The Differentiation Gap” in Your Market?

As we are just kicking into the new year, a lot of people are rethinking how they are going…

Jay Leonard
January 11, 2018

Why Lowering Your Prices is Not The Answer

Thinking of attracting more customers through lowering the price point of your goods or services? You may think this…

Jay Leonard
October 9, 2017

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