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Lazy Copywriting: 5 Persuasion Traps Copywriters Fall Into

Let’s face it, human beings are lazy. If we can get away with sleeping in… we’ll do it. UberEats…

Dean Mackenzie
March 15, 2021
Online Marketing

27 Persuasion Techniques For Every Sales Professional

Persuasion techniques in sales focus on one key goal — convincing a lead to adopt a new attitude and…

Daniel Threlfall
August 13, 2020
Sales Management

How to Use a Waitlist Page to Drive Demand For Your Course

If you’ve got a course you periodically run, you’ve probably used a waitlist page at some point. But there’s…

Connor Brooke
November 29, 2019

How Many Yesses Have You Missed Because You Were Afraid to Ask?

Have you ever been rejected so many times for something you stopped asking? Have you ever felt so bad…

James Spillane
July 24, 2019

5 Things Every Entrepreneur Should Know About Building Credibility

Has this ever happened to you? You’re sitting with a prospect discussing the features and benefits of your offering.…

Connor Brooke
August 8, 2016
Small Business

5 Steps to Get Internal Buy-In for Your Marketing Project

Irrespective of size or shape, marketing projects that demand financial, personnel or time investment are going to need approval…

Jay Leonard
June 26, 2016

How to Persuade in 7 Simple Steps

In general people don’t like to sell, yet we find ourselves having to “sell” our ideas and reasons on…

Connor Brooke
March 28, 2016
Sales Management

5 Foolproof Solopreneur Sales Tips (For Non-Salesy Types)

By the year 2020, 40 percent of the United States workforce will be freelancers. And the number is only…

Jay Leonard
March 25, 2016
Small Business

Brand Purpose: How to Sell With Conviction

Do you ever feel like your prospects aren’t connecting with you? Are you having trouble figuring out how to…

Connor Brooke
March 24, 2016
Small Business

How to Write an Academy Award-Winning Sales Pitch

Did you know the key to structuring a movie was “starting a scene as late as possible.” That’s what…

Connor Brooke
February 8, 2016
Consumer Marketing

Art of the Pitch: How to Present the Right Solution and Win the Sale

This is the part you’ve been waiting for. The sales pitch. It’s time to present the right solution to…

Jay Leonard
January 22, 2016
Sales Management

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