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Marketing with Human Design – Why It Works

Human design is not about being a particular personality, so you get a label stuck: you are THIS, so…

Juliette Stapleton
December 30, 2021
Content Marketing

Leveraging Your Uniqueness to Grow Your Personal Brand

An old-world form of parenting was to teach the child to be seen and not heard. Although this philosophy…

Isaac Mashman
August 13, 2021
Social Media

How to Grow Your Personal Brand Without “Buying” Your Way to Fame

At one point or another, you have scrolled through social media and have come across someone who has a…

Isaac Mashman
August 12, 2021

Branding Yourself For Success

Branding Yourself Here’s a personal branding forecast sure to keep you on your toes in the coming years. Whether…

Nat Schooler
August 2, 2021

Personal Branding Strategies for Women in Business

How a Personal Brand Plan Benefits Your Business Brand You don’t get a second chance to make a first…

Susan Friesen
July 13, 2021

10 Steps to Building a Personal Brand that People Buy Into

Personal branding is the talk of the town for entrepreneurs, business owners, and coaches alike at the moment –…

Sam Winsbury
May 1, 2020

Use This 5 Step Content Formula to Instantly Boost Engagement on Your Social Media Posts

Content marketing is the talk of the town in 2020. It’s the best and fastest way to build a…

Sam Winsbury
April 20, 2020
Content Marketing

How to Create an Online Portfolio That Attracts Brand Sponsorship

For any business, sponsorships can do wonders to help lessen business expenses or serve as a separate income stream…

Kevin Payne
March 27, 2020

Rich Writer, Poor Writer: How Some Freelance Writers Find All the High-Paying Clients

Don’t buy into the starving artist narrative. People get what they negotiate in life and for the writer who…

Christopher Gillespie
February 25, 2020

How Entrepreneurs Can Take Their Personal Brand to the Next Level in 2020

Most entrepreneurs have already created a bit of a personal brand for themselves. Maybe you’re fairly content with the…

James Spillane
December 23, 2019

Brand YOU: 7 Benefits of Creating a World-Class Personal Brand

Oprah Winfrey is a household name today. As the host of the top-rated, award-winning Oprah Winfrey Show, she made…

Jay Leonard
November 26, 2019

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