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3 Reasons Why the New MySpace Will Actually be Awesome

It seems we can’t go more than a few days without hearing about the next big thing in social…

Connor Brooke
September 25, 2012
Social Media

Isn’t it About Time Social Networking Got a Bit More Human?

Will introducing interactions that are more real-world help social networks increase engagement? I’ve always, quietly, been a fan of…

Jay Leonard
September 20, 2012
Social Media

Apps: What’s Path?

Path is a mobile journal app, currently for iPhone and Android, with elements of social media. The advertised slogan…

Jay Leonard
April 5, 2012
Mobile & Apps

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn — Social Media Table Stakes. Are You Prepared to be Bold?

Some might say that social media has reached an inflection point. Companies are now staffing social media roles. They…

James Spillane
February 1, 2012
Social Media

Ideasicle Podcast #17: The Path Of Energy With Dr. Synthia Andrews

Ever feel a strange “vibe” in a room, or know what someone is thinking before they talk, or even…

Connor Brooke
September 6, 2011

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