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TikTok Will Show Source Code, Algorithm, Content Moderation Material to US-Based Oracle

TikTok has agreed to allow US-based technology company Oracle to access its source code, algorithm, and content moderation material…

Ruholamin Haqshanas
May 24, 2023

Why Cloud Accounting Is One Reason NetSuite Was Acquired For Nearly Ten Billion

It’s fair to say cloud computing has changed the way small businesses operate forever. The general public might know…

Jay Leonard
November 12, 2016
Cloud Computing

Content Smorgasbord 2: More Top Examples Of ‘Snackable’ Content

People’s attention spans are dropping – so ensure your content is snackable or risk being ignored by consumers. Long-form…

Jay Leonard
October 28, 2014
Content Marketing

The Hybrid Cloud

Even though enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems have become crucial to the ability of many businesses to succeed over…

James Spillane
October 5, 2014
Cloud Computing

How Enterprise Software Helps Companies Compete Better

During the US Great Recession (2007-2009), American companies explored low-cost, high-value technologies such as cloud computing to automate manual…

Connor Brooke
September 24, 2014
Business Innovation

Larry Ellison Steps Down As Oracle CEO

In 1977 Larry Ellison founded Oracle. In September 2014 the company’s CEO has announced plans to step down from…

Jay Leonard
September 18, 2014
Social Buzz

The Art (and Business) of Eavesdropping, or Social Listening

The clever marketer is the one with the most information. The best intelligence. That’s always been the way, since…

Jay Leonard
June 9, 2014
Social Data

Top 6 Best Management Services for Customer Relationships

Keeping good customer relations helps businesses prosper and grow. For larger companies, this means customer relationship management software (CRM)…

James Spillane
May 4, 2014
Customer Experience

Jill Rowley’s Discovery of the Real Challenge of Social Selling: A Change of Culture

This week, at a client meeting with the top executives of a global firm based in Europe, we were…

Jay Leonard
April 29, 2014
Social Selling

Who’ll Make Marketing Tech’s Big Dance?

In the spirit of good fun that the annual NCAA college tourney brings, I thought it would be fun…

Connor Brooke
March 31, 2014

CFOs as Corporate Catalysts Infographic

The infographic, CFOs as Corporate Catalysts, shows the results of an Oracle and Accenture survey of 930 CFOs, The…

James Spillane
September 12, 2013

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