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The Winning Marketing Techniques In 2019

2018 was an exciting year for the marketing landscape. Facebook has suffered from a number of scandals, readjusting their…

Jay Leonard
March 5, 2019

Why Always-On Doesn’t Cut It Anymore

We are drowning. From ads to content marketing and everything in between, we are drowning in a sea of…

Jay Leonard
June 27, 2018
Content Marketing

It’s Time For Marketers To Lean In To Interactive Video

Gone are the days in which marketers struggled to find their target audience online. Google, Facebook, YouTube and their…

Jay Leonard
April 18, 2018
Video Marketing

Great Video or Great Writing?

A recent article by Digiday caught my eye. It detailed the great anxiety experienced by many journalists about the…

Connor Brooke
December 4, 2017
Video Marketing

Video Content is King

If a picture is worth a thousand words then how many words is a minute of video worth? The…

Jay Leonard
June 9, 2016
Video Marketing

The Ins-And-Outs of Monetizing Online Video – Part Two

Last week, we explored the four basic ways to monetize your video and how they can be combined to…

Jay Leonard
March 3, 2016
Video Marketing

The Ins-and-Outs of Monetizing Online Video – Part One

Consumer demand for video content is on the rise. As Cisco revealed in their Visual Networking Index report, 55…

Connor Brooke
February 21, 2016
Video Marketing

Why Interactive Video Is Set To Be 2016’s “Big Thing”

Working in the technology world and the advertising industry has taught me that there is always something new on…

James Spillane
October 6, 2015
Video Marketing

Top 10 Video Marketing Stats for 2015 & What Your Brand Needs to Do to Keep Up

We’re well into 2015, which has been named the Year of Video Marketing, so it’s time to revise your…

Connor Brooke
September 17, 2015
Video Marketing

Keeping it Clean: How Sports Expertise is Helping Media Buying Agencies Discover Brand-Safe Digital Content

Online video media buyers are facing a problem: in the world of online video, there’s quantity, but not much…

Connor Brooke
August 10, 2015
Digital Marketing

Top 3 Ways to Use Video in Social Media

Getting social with your video can mean big gains in brand engagement. Social networks have reacted by prioritizing video…

Alan Draper
June 28, 2015
Social Media

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