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Why You Really Need To Build An Online Employee Community?

Engage your employees to scale faster, raise revenue & ensure customer satisfaction. Easier said than done! Fortunately, technology, especially online…

Connor Brooke
July 1, 2015
Online Communities

A Lesson In Community Management From The Delicatessen

Photo source: User peasap on flickr. Introduction It’s a Friday afternoon and I’m waiting in line to order a chicken…

Connor Brooke
April 7, 2015
Online Communities

Why Participate in an Online B2B Community?

In a recent IBM survey of over 1,700 CEOs from more than 60 countries, online customer communities ranked second only…

Jay Leonard
December 17, 2014
Online Communities

10 Ways to Increase Online Community Engagement

When companies start planning for an online community, their number one question is “how do I increase engagement?” Not only…

Connor Brooke
December 10, 2014
Online Communities

The 8 Dos and Don’ts of Online Business Reviews

With reviews on over 45,000 online businesses on SiteJabber, we’ve seen excellent examples of how businesses can leverage reviews for…

Jay Leonard
December 1, 2014
Consumer Marketing

Why Build An Online Community?

These days community building seems to have a major focus on Social Media. How to attract followers in their thousands,…

Jay Leonard
October 21, 2014
Online Communities

Harnessing the Power of User Generated Content To Define Your Brand

“Putting the ‘We’ in WEB.” That headline was splashed across the cover of the April 3rd issue of Newsweek back…

Jay Leonard
September 19, 2014

Marketers Tap Influencers To Build Credible, Buyer-Centric Relationships

Forward-thinking B2B marketers are building relationships with influential members of the community, with the goal of providing more targeted and…

Jay Leonard
August 10, 2014
B2B Marketing

Let’s Chat: Real-Time Machine Translation for Multilingual Online Communities

Today, many companies use online communities to facilitate conversations amongst their customers. Why? Well, the benefits are pretty substantial. Guests…

Connor Brooke
August 5, 2014
Online Communities

Social Media and Community – ‘Rules of Thumb’

Every business, whatever the sector, and whether commercial or not-for-profit, needs to be noticed and needs to attract customers (or…

Alan Draper
July 14, 2014
Social Media

Orkut Gets the Axe: 3 Alternatives for Your Online Community

Google has officially announced they’ll be shutting down their first ever social network, Orkut. Named after - and eventually acquired…

Jay Leonard
July 2, 2014
Online Communities

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