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How to Engage a Community Around Your SaaS

Do you believe in community-led growth? Even if you don’t, thousands of SaaS companies have already built their communities…

Natalie Luneva
September 25, 2021
Online Communities

What is a Brand Community?

Have you noticed that the biggest brands most of the time also have a passionate brand community? A community…

Andres Muñoz
September 20, 2021
Online Communities

12 Advantages of Building an Online Community for SaaS Business

Introduction The Software as a Service (SaaS) market is growing fast. The market is expected to grow from $225.6…

Hanna Barabakh
September 9, 2021

Engage Employees with New Groups on Your Enterprise Social Network

Most enterprise social networks (ESNs) have many groups related to a company’s different business functions and departments. While many…

Connor Brooke
October 2, 2017
Human Resources

Intranet Launch: Cultivate a Social Intranet

I don’t know about you, but I can easily find myself engrossed in HGTV. Whether it is Chip and…

Alan Draper
September 19, 2017
Online Communities

Intranet Launch: Include Employees From the Start

Launching a new department or company-wide intranet can be daunting. Whether it be constraints on the IT side, budget,…

Alan Draper
September 1, 2017
Online Communities

The Secret To Generating Thousands of Views on Your Live Streams

Live streaming can be an intimidating experience, especially if you’re a beginner with no audience yet. When I first…

Alan Draper
August 18, 2017
Video Marketing

Kick Off 2017 with a Stronger Online Community

Most New Year’s resolutions don’t survive very long, but achieving a more successful online community in 2017 doesn’t have…

Connor Brooke
January 11, 2017
Online Communities

How to Exceed Millennial Customer Service Expectations

Baby Boomers, once America’s largest generation, have been surpassed by millennials, also known as Gen Y. With this increase…

Connor Brooke
January 10, 2017
Customer Experience

5 Customer Service Tips Every Company Should Know

In the age of the digital customer, delivering differentiated customer service has become a strategic imperative. 78% of customers…

Jay Leonard
December 13, 2016
Customer Experience

The Importance of Building an Online Community

Your business starts with your brand, but the other major part of the equation is your audience. You need…

Connor Brooke
December 5, 2016
Online Communities

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