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5 Ways to Solve the Marketing Puzzle

Many of our clients are small (to very small) businesses. They call us because they want to reach more potential…

Jay Leonard
March 7, 2016
Digital Marketing

4 Tips for Creating Relevant Content

Plenty of times, we've talked about content relevance being a key factor in achieving great open rates and consistent email…

Connor Brooke
March 17, 2015
Content Marketing

Promotional Emails – Are You Doing It Right?

Contrary to many beliefs, email continues to prove to be one of the most effective marketing methods today. Consumers turn…

James Spillane
March 11, 2015
Email Marketing

The Future of Digital Publishing: Going Back to Hieroglyphics

Since the first hieroglyphics emerged in 4000 BC, communicators have constantly looked for ways to disseminate their work to a…

Connor Brooke
November 3, 2014

Four Times ABC’s ‘Selfie’ Provided Valuable PR and Marketing Lessons

ABC’s new show, Selfie, is about a self-obsessed social media addict, Eliza, played by Karen Gillan, who enlists her company’s…

Jay Leonard
October 30, 2014
Public Relations

Now Read This! Does Email Marketing Still Work?

If your inbox looks anything like mine, you spend the first half-hour of your day deleting unwanted emails. Sometimes they’re…

Connor Brooke
February 14, 2014
Email Marketing

Creating and Leveraging a Mailing List

Marketing to your customers via email is an easy way to generate return traffic to your store, but how do…

Alan Draper
December 17, 2013
Email Marketing

8 Great Email Apps For Business And Leisure

Since Yahoo! just launched a brandnew email app today, we at Mevvy take this opportunity to share our 8 favorite…

James Spillane
April 18, 2013
Mobile & Apps

Choosing the Best Digital Marketing Approach for Your Business

As social media sites like Facebook and Twitter gain popularity, an increasing number of businesses are turning to them to…

James Spillane
April 12, 2013
Digital Marketing

How To Make Money With Email Newsletters

Whether you have been running a newsletter for your company or organization for a long time, or you are thinking…

Connor Brooke
March 25, 2013
Email Marketing

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