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Astronauts Have Been Taking Epic Selfies During Spacewalks Since 1966

Over the last several years the self-photography art known as the 'Selfie' has become a big deal. Kids, teens, and…

Jay Leonard
October 10, 2014
Social Buzz

NASA Awards Manned Space Flight Contracts To Boeing, SpaceX

NASA has awarded new contracts to Boeing and SpaceX, contracts that will allow both companies to ferry astronauts to the International…

Connor Brooke
September 16, 2014
Social Buzz

NASA’s Earth Day Campaign Is Trending Now

If you see #GlobalSelfie trending on Twitter today, then NASA’s latest public relations campaign is a success. The Earth Right…

Jay Leonard
April 22, 2014
Social Buzz

6 Examples Of How To Use 3D Printed Marketing In 2014

Being part of the printer industry in the UK, it’s been impossible to miss the advances of 3D printing in…

Alan Draper
March 16, 2014
B2B Marketing

Buzz Aldrin on Innovation, Inventions and Velcro

Quick quiz: How many objects on your desk have roots at NASA? Chances are you own a GPS-enabled smartphone, use…

Jay Leonard
February 6, 2014
Social Buzz

Five for Friday: The Coolest Things to Come Out of NASA

Bernt Rostad via photopin cc Avaya's Santa Clara office is a short drive away from NASA's Ames Research Center. Whenever I pass it…

Connor Brooke
September 6, 2013
Tech & Gadgets

When Apps Cross the Border from Delightfully Informative to Creepy

I'm awful at remembering names. It's so embarrassing to walk the hallway and be greeted by people that you know…

Connor Brooke
July 6, 2013
Mobile & Apps

NASA Funds Development of 3D Printed Food

It's tough to get a pizza delivered to Mars. Quartz reports NASA has a partnership with Systems and Materials Research…

Connor Brooke
May 22, 2013

Graphics to Inspire a New Generation of Space Dreamers

People are visual – they take information in more quickly if they can see it. Clearly if a business wants…

Connor Brooke
February 27, 2013
Trends & News

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