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NASA Reveals its New Spacesuit for Artemis Moon Missions – What Do You Think?

Nasa has unveiled the first prototype for a new spacesuit design expected to be worn on the planned Artemis…

Ruholamin Haqshanas
March 16, 2023

Apollo 11 Moon Landing – Doing the Impossible

As I travel around the world as a strategic advisor and keynote speaker, I have the privilege of meeting…

Alan Draper
July 25, 2019

Thanks to NASA Fixing the Babylonians’ Math, You Probably Have a New Zodiac Sign

While astrology isn’t a science, it is one of those things that people just kind of enjoy in passing.…

Renee DeCoskey
October 11, 2016

SpaceX: Explosion at Florida Launch Site

It was a scary moment in Cape Canaveral, Florida, yesterday morning when, shortly after 9 a.m., an explosion occurred…

Renee DeCoskey
September 1, 2016
Space & Science

How You Can Stand Out in a “Galaxy” of Other Applicants

NASA announced this month that they will be hiring astronauts for the first time in two years. The last…

Jay Leonard
December 16, 2015
Human Resources

Mysterious White Object Spotted On Dwarf Planet Ceres

Even with a blurry image, it’s hard to ignore the large white spot on the dwarf planet Ceres. On…

Connor Brooke
January 26, 2015
World News

Massive Coronal Hole Found On Sun, NASA Scientists Perplexed

NASA scientists discovered a massive coronal hole appearing on the Sun’s south pole. A coronal hole is a phenomenon…

Alan Draper
January 4, 2015
Space & Science

NASA Proposes City On Venus Called Cloud City, And The Technology Already Exists

A NASA city on Venus is the agency’s next big concept, and the technology required to do so exists…

James Spillane
December 24, 2014
Space & Science

NASA Emails a Wrench Into Space

When astronaut Barry Wilmore realized he needed a socket wrench, he had one problem. Wilmore is currently on board…

Connor Brooke
December 21, 2014
Space & Science

Methane On Mars? Curiosity Rover Discovers “Methane Burps”

NASA may have just hit the holy grail with the possible discovery of methane on Mars. The curiosity Rover…

Connor Brooke
December 16, 2014
Space & Science

NASA Plans To Send Humans To Mars By Asteroid

NASA has just announced the first step of a mission that will send humans to Mars. The step will…

Alan Draper
December 2, 2014
Space & Science

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