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Revisit Your Favorite Tracks of the Year With YouTube Music’s 2022 Recaps

YouTube Music has rolled out the Recaps 2022 to allow users to revisit their favorite music tracks from the…

Krishi Chowdary
December 1, 2022
Mobile & Apps

5 Reasons Why Your Company Needs Explainer Videos

We’ve all heard that the average human attention span is less than 20 seconds, and perhaps as short as…

Drew Gula
June 9, 2020
Video Marketing

Weird Al & The Gregory Brothers “Songify” The Final Presidential Debate [Video]

Everyone knows Weird Al, but you may or may not have heard of The Gregory Brothers before. They’re in…

Renee DeCoskey
October 21, 2016

Using Affinity Data to Identify Ideal Music-Brand Partnerships

Today, more and more musicians are linking up with consumer brands. Rihanna and Puma. Selena Gomez and Pantene. Kendrick…

Jay Leonard
October 3, 2016
BrandViews / Affinio

Developing Audiences for Emerging Artists: A Music Industry Primer Using Affinity Data

The music industry can be complicated and therefore hard to explain, but one thing has always been and will…

James Spillane
September 22, 2016
BrandViews / Affinio

Affinity Data Shows Who Should Star on Apple’s New Carpool Karaoke

Karaoke, anyone? Yesterday, Apple Inc. announced that they have ordered a 16-episode Carpool Karaoke series from CBS to be…

Connor Brooke
July 29, 2016
BrandViews / Affinio

Crowdculture: The Differences Between Coachella’s Music and Fashion Fans

Music influences fashion and vice versa. Last weekend hundreds of thousands of people began flocking to the California desert…

Alan Draper
April 20, 2016
BrandViews / Affinio

The Customer Journey: Turning Browsers Into Buyers … Through Song

Working out what makes your customer tick when it comes to your website can be a minefield, and it’s…

Connor Brooke
September 7, 2015
Customer Experience

The Thrill is Gone; B.B. King is Gone.

The thrill is gone. B.B. King is gone. B.B. King died Thursday night at his home in Las Vegas…

James Spillane
May 16, 2015
Social Buzz

Kanye West And Taylor Swift: He’s Jealous Of Her Success

Kanye West and Taylor Swift were never considered on friendly terms and now it has been revealed that the…

James Spillane
December 26, 2014

Madonna Responds to ‘Rebel Heart’ Leak By Releasing Six Songs

Madonna isn’t letting the people leaking music from her thirteenth album get to her. The “Material Girl” responded to…

Jay Leonard
December 21, 2014

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