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3 Ways Retailers Should Accommodate the Mobile-Obsessed Customer

Smartphones are no longer just a trendy piece of technology. For many consumers, they’re practically an appendage. Eighty percent of…

Jay Leonard
November 21, 2015
Mobile & Apps

Apple Pay 2.0 – What It Means For SMBs?

Earlier this week Apple® held its annual worldwide developer conference (WWDC) and it didn’t disappoint. Amidst announcements around operating system…

James Spillane
June 12, 2015
Small Business

SMS Pays Off: The Power of Pay-by-Text

Mobile payments are all the rage lately—just look at Apple Pay or Square. It’s an exciting development that’s changing the…

Alan Draper
January 28, 2015
Mobile & Apps

5 Key Trends Crucial to e-Commerce Success in 2015

“What’s dangerous is to not evolve,” Amazon honcho Jeff Bezos once famously said. Yet for every Amazon success story, there…

Jay Leonard
January 20, 2015

LoopPay CardCase Just Released, May Have Chance To Compete With Apple Pay

LoopPay CardCase was just released, replacing the older version known as ChargeCase, and it just might be enough to reel…

Connor Brooke
December 22, 2014
Tech & Gadgets

Why Mobile Payments Are the Next Big Thing

Every day, improvements and advancements are being made that make our lives easier. Many of these advancements flop, never to…

Connor Brooke
June 25, 2014
Mobile & Apps

Mobile Payment App: Transforming the Way Small Businesses Work

Mobile payments, sometimes referred to as mobile money, mobile money transfer, and mobile wallet, denotes payment services operated under financial regulation…

Connor Brooke
January 29, 2014
Mobile & Apps

Tablets, Video Emails, Mobile Payments Shape Mobile Marketing in 2014

The concept of mobile and mobile marketing is becoming common knowledge, and it is accepted that smartphones and tablets will…

Jay Leonard
December 30, 2013
Mobile & Apps

4 Steps to Drive Holiday Sales with Mobile

The countdown to the holidays has begun in earnest and this year the opportunity for retailers is bigger than ever.…

Jay Leonard
October 1, 2013
Mobile & Apps

PayPal à la Française

Looking at the latest news, it seems that every day a new player is jumping into the mobile payments game,…

James Spillane
September 30, 2013
Trends & News

Cash, Card… or Mobile?

With so many players in the mobile payments landscape (banks, tech giants, emerging start-ups etc) and as many payment solutions,…

Connor Brooke
September 17, 2013
Mobile & Apps

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