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How Conversational Commerce is Transforming Customer Service – and Payments

The stats on e-commerce are telling a promising story. According to a recent survey by Square and Mercury Analytics,…

Connor Brooke
August 15, 2018

How AI & Machine Learning Are Transforming the Payments Landscape

As technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning become more widely available and ubiquitous, they are having a real…

Connor Brooke
July 16, 2018

Point of Sale 101 for Home-Based Businesses

Operating a home-based business can present its own share of challenges. Even so, it’s still important for the owner…

Connor Brooke
July 3, 2018
Small Business

Understanding the Benefits of 3D Secure 2.0 for Merchants

The good news is that fraud for in-person credit card transactions is way down. Visa reported that in-person fraud…

Connor Brooke
June 11, 2018

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a New POS System

There are a number of aspects to consider before purchasing a new point-of-sale system for a business. Since the…

Connor Brooke
December 20, 2017
Small Business

How Point of Sale Resellers Can Thrive with Omni Channel

Many industry experts agree that Omni channel is the next big thing for many merchants and point-of-sale resellers alike.…

James Spillane
November 25, 2017

3 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Apple Pay for Your E-commerce Business

Apple has launched one of the biggest mobile payment initiatives in the market – otherwise known to the world…

Connor Brooke
October 14, 2016

Mobile Payments: 5 Insights Businesses Need to Know Now to Stay Competitive

Throughout history, humans have developed a number of methods for exchanging goods and services. In less modern times, humans…

Jay Leonard
September 19, 2016
Mobile & Apps

The 9 Most Popular Payment Solutions For Businesses

A review of statistics about online payment behavior by CreditCards.com revealed that more consumers are shopping online with their…

Jay Leonard
August 5, 2016

Mobile Payments via NFC & BLE Beacons to Increase by 59% in 2016

Mobile Payments using NFC & BLE Beacons lead the way for new marketing technologies. The possibilities of smart devices,…

Alan Draper
July 7, 2016
Consumer Marketing

Millennials & Mobile Payments: What is the Price of Convenience?

We live in an age of accelerated technological advancement. With everything they need right at their fingertips, Millennials are…

Alan Draper
June 4, 2016
Mobile & Apps

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