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Experimentation is a Marketer’s Secret Weapon. Here’s Why

2020 was a challenging year for science–too many people seemed to just ignore it. But science leads to progress.…

Pini Yakuel
October 22, 2020
Digital Marketing

10 Important Trends in PR Measurement & Analytics

Inadequate measurement has traditionally plagued public relations. PR, however, is adapting. More PR pros are mastering measurement in recent…

William Comcowich
October 24, 2018
Public Relations

5 Essential PR Metrics to Measure Earned Media

PR has traditionally struggled to measure its results and quantify its contribution to well-defined business objectives. PR measurement experts…

James Spillane
October 8, 2018
Public Relations

How Accurate is Social Media Sentiment Analysis in Measuring Consumer Opinion?

Many companies use social media measurement to gauge consumer sentiment toward their brands. Rating social media comments on a…

James Spillane
August 20, 2018
Social Data

Impressions: The Lethal PR Measurement Trap

Impressions remain one of the most common metrics for PR and marketing. It’s also one of the most controversial.…

Jay Leonard
August 10, 2018
Public Relations

10 Simple Ways to Greatly Improve Your PR Measurement this Year

PR pros will face growing pressure in 2018 to prove how their activities contribute to the organization’s sales funnel…

Jay Leonard
January 16, 2018
Public Relations

10 Important Trends in PR Measurement

Inadequate measurement has traditionally plagued public relations. However, PR has been adapting. More PR pros have been mastering measurement…

James Spillane
October 11, 2017
Public Relations

8 Ways to Dump Useless Metrics & Achieve Better PR Measurement

PR measurement requires selecting appropriate metrics, but sometimes you need to do the opposite and eliminate unsuitable metrics. As…

James Spillane
September 27, 2017
Public Relations

Affect-Tag, Empatica, Feel and the Next Wristband Frontier

Jawbone, maker of a fitness tracking wristband, has crashed, and rival Fitbit is struggling, with current market valuation one-ninth…

Alan Draper
July 24, 2017
Tech & Gadgets

8 Ways Marketing & Public Relations Can Work Better Together

PR and marketing often operate as separate functions in large organizations. That can lead to a lack of coordination…

Connor Brooke
April 4, 2017

4 Effective Ways to Measure a Corporate or B2B Blog

If someone subscribes to your content, what do you think happens to the chances of that person becoming a…

Frank Strong
April 2, 2017
B2B Marketing

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