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The 3 Foundations of a Successful Marketing Campaign

While it can be tempting to jump right in and launch your marketing campaign to the world without much…

Ben Hirons
June 9, 2021

6 Winning PR Campaigns and Their Super Simple Takeaways

What’s the secret to crafting a great public relations campaign? The key lies in understanding your target audience, so…

Blair Nicole Nastasi
January 28, 2020
Public Relations

What I Learned From My First Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

My experience in guerrilla marketing predates my tenure at Hawke Media. While I was still an undergraduate student in…

Jeeyan Rostam-Abadi
January 13, 2020

Should You Launch a Podcast Campaign? Ask Yourself These 3 Questions to Find Out

Podcasts have evolved from a makeshift, awkward medium to the trendiest of platforms. Generation Zers and Millennials are especially…

James Spillane
October 30, 2019

2019 Marketing Trends Check-In

We are now half-way through 2019 and we are skating toward 2020. It’s time to get serious about marketing…

Alan Draper
July 12, 2019

Misconceptions of Social Media Marketing: 6 Myths Busted

Social Media may have started out as a free site “where kids goof off,” but it has now become…

Alan Draper
March 28, 2018
Social Media

Successful Marketing Tricks for Small Businesses in 2018

Small businesses have been eyeing a bigger share of the market. Sadly, every new marketing style seems to favor…

Connor Brooke
February 21, 2018
Small Business

Everything You Need to Know About Managing Your Social Influencer Marketing Campaign

With the number of active social media users increasing every day, marketers realize the importance of social influencer marketing.…

James Spillane
November 28, 2017

Final Countdown: Developing a Pre-Launch Marketing Strategy

Whether you are an established small business advertising a new service or product, or a new startup that has…

Connor Brooke
June 21, 2017

The 5 Marketing Metrics That Matter Most to a Referral Marketing Campaign

Everyone has heard stories about companies such as Uber and AirBNB driving huge amounts of traffic to their sites…

James Spillane
February 22, 2017

Why Pokémon Go Is a Magnet For Marketing

So, as humanity continues in its quest to catch virtual, fictional (but adorable) creatures via smartphones around the globe,…

Connor Brooke
August 23, 2016
Mobile & Apps

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