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PR & Marketing Analytics: Resolutions for 2017

Analytics are an essential element of effective marketing and public relations. Analytics provide organizations data and insights needed to…

Connor Brooke
December 21, 2016

One More Time With Feeling: Marketing Is An Investment!

Here’s a question for business owners.  How many of you treat your marketing efforts as an investment in your…

James Spillane
September 5, 2013

Marketing Plans Require an Opportunity Analysis

Before doing your next marketing plan, you need to do an opportunity analysis. The analysis will help you lay…

Alan Draper
August 9, 2011

Are You Shifting To More Online Marketing?

If your marketing and communications plan is not shifting toward more online communications, you are not fully connecting with…

Connor Brooke
August 9, 2011
Online Marketing

Marketing in a Slow Economy

Marketing is a core function for all business. Slashing budgets – marketing, promotional and publicity – actually will worsen…

Jay Leonard
August 6, 2011

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