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5 Ways Social Media Insights Can Influence Your B2B Marketing

You meet new people all the time. At work, at your kid’s school, at Starbucks while waiting for your morning…

Connor Brooke
July 13, 2013
B2B Marketing

Why Aren’t More Senior Marketers Embracing Google Plus?

Remember in high school how there were the cool kids and the geeks? And that many of the geeks secretly…

Jay Leonard
July 1, 2013

Marketing Executives Turn to Vine More than Pinterest and Tumblr

Okay marketers, let’s see a show of hands. How many of you know about Twitter’s hugely popular Vine app that…

James Spillane
June 15, 2013
Social Media

8 Social Technology Trends Enabling (or Disabling) Customer Engagement

Some of the many challenges for sales, marketing and customer service professionals today are  personalized, meaningful customer engagements across the…

Jay Leonard
March 13, 2013
Social Media

Why Social Media is Getting Harder for Marketers, and What to Do Now

Is it just me or is social media still hard to do? Maybe you're the exception, but most marketers we…

James Spillane
March 4, 2013
Social Media

The Digital Customer and the Real Return on Engagement

What is the real return on engagement, and how has the digital customer changed the scope and scale of how…

James Spillane
February 19, 2013

Are You a Marketing Artists or a Marketing Scientist? [Infographic]

Marketing is changing before our eyes. As technology provides marketers with more reach, more control, and more information, marketing departments…

James Spillane
February 6, 2013

Location And Repetition Key To Online Ad Success

Findings from a recently released report show that online ads appearing "above the fold" are nearly seven times more effective…

James Spillane
July 26, 2011
Online Marketing

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