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Why You Should Add a Social Media Influencer Program to Your Marketing Toolkit

“Every human brain is both a broadcasting and receiving station for the vibration of thought.” — Napoleon Hill There…

Donna St. Jean Conti
April 21, 2021
Public Relations

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Advertising

Artificial intelligence is quite the buzzword these days. However, when it comes to the practical application of some of…

Connor Brooke
October 23, 2019
Consumer Marketing

How To Build a Business-Minded Marketing Culture

Any marketing professional will tell you creativity is an indispensable ingredient of a great campaign or a memorable ad.…

Connor Brooke
August 29, 2018

11 Personalities You’ll Find at a Digital Marketing Conference

This past week, over 14,000 people gathered at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center for Inbound 2016. One of…

Connor Brooke
November 10, 2016
Digital Marketing

4 More Reasons Your Business Needs to Market on Social Media

There is no shortage of blogs explaining the importance of Social Media Marketing and Advertising.  Everywhere you turn you…

James Spillane
July 13, 2015
Social Media

3 Ways to Use Event Data for Better Marketing Results

User conferences, seminars, tradeshows, road shows… These and other events provide powerful opportunities for organizations to get closer to…

James Spillane
December 8, 2014
Marketing Automation

Facebook Bans Like-Gating: What’s Next For Marketers?

Starting November 5, 2014 (and August 7, 2014 for all new apps)  like-gating will no longer be allowed on…

Alan Draper
August 8, 2014

The Marketing Department’s Influence on Society

Marketers are quickly becoming societal change agents, fostering recognition of gay rights and racial tolerance. Brands such as Cheerios…

Jay Leonard
February 20, 2014
Consumer Marketing

Is Employee Advocacy the Next Big Thing for Marketers?

It started with a simple question: “What’s the next big thing marketers need to focus on?” I asked Mike…

Jay Leonard
February 9, 2014

5 Ways to Get Customer Intelligence for FREE!

Let’s face it… in today’s digital era information means profits, especially when it comes directly from customers. But why…

Jay Leonard
November 19, 2013
Customer Experience

8 Digital Marketing Experts You Should Follow

Since the advent of the Internet as a marketing tool, and especially since “Web 2.0” brought in a flood…

Jay Leonard
October 16, 2013
Digital Marketing

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