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How Customer Support Impacts the Customer Experience

Customer experience, or CX for short, is one of the latest “buzzwords” in the customer relationship industry. As a whole,…

Connor Brooke
June 29, 2017
Customer Experience

Why Your Customer Support Is Costing You Sales

Things have begun to progress further than chat and according to a study by HeyWire Business many people are already…

Alan Draper
April 14, 2017
Customer Experience

The Ultimate Guide to Converting Chats to Sales [Infographic]

If you only see live chat as a customer service channel, you’re looking at it all wrong. As it happens,…

Jay Leonard
October 25, 2016

How Great Service Can Get You More Sales

You know the old style used car sales routine? The one with all of the stretching of the truth, fake…

Jay Leonard
July 15, 2016
Digital Marketing

Enable More Sales With Targeted Live Chat

Live chat. A technology that’s been around for years. Fully understood by a small proportion of marketers. Sadly, correctly optimized…

Jay Leonard
July 3, 2016
Digital Marketing

Be A Support Hero: Increase Customer Loyalty With Live Chat

You probably know why loyalty is important. You’re probably just here to find out how to increase customer loyalty with…

Connor Brooke
June 21, 2016
Loyalty Marketing

3 Ways To Increase Conversion Of Your Paid Traffic

You’re spending all of that money on PPC but is it translating into on-site conversions? You’re not the only one…

Jay Leonard
May 31, 2016
Online Marketing

Listen When Your Customers Need You

In the past, companies have developed channel or product-specific support models which compete for supremacy. However, in the eyes of…

Connor Brooke
April 10, 2016
Customer Experience

The Adele Approach To Live Chat

Browsing around, I see more and more companies using live chat these days, which is awesome. Of course, as someone…

Connor Brooke
April 8, 2016

Increase Conversions With Link Tracking and Live Chat

Do you know a thing or 2 about the benefits of link tracking? The first benefit of link tracking that…

Connor Brooke
March 21, 2016
Digital Marketing

Mastering Lead Generation: From Content to Chat

Mastering lead generation requires you to be a bit of a jack of all trades. You need to be able…

Jay Leonard
March 1, 2016
Inbound Marketing

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