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Avoid the January Refresh: 4 Options for Tier Qualification in Loyalty Programs

On January 13, Delta emailed me my 2016 year-end SkyMiles statement. I had just started using the SkyMiles program…

Connor Brooke
January 30, 2017
Loyalty Marketing

Amazon Go Shows That Most Retailers Still Haven’t Learned

This week in retail started with the news that Amazon would be opening Amazon Go, a cashier-free, app-based shopping…

Jay Leonard
December 6, 2016
Customer Experience

From the Executive Suite: Effective Sales Enablement Strategies

Top of mind for sales executives today: How do I equip my sellers with the right tools and resources—at…

Connor Brooke
December 6, 2016
Sales Management

The 3 Things That Matter in Account-Based Marketing: The Executive Perspective

Lenati recently hosted a roundtable with Senior Marketing Executives across high-tech and software industries. The attending brands ran the…

James Spillane
October 28, 2016

Need to Increase Seller Productivity in 2017? Start Here.

Q4 is upon us. This means it’s crunch time for all sales organizations looking to hit their numbers. It’s…

Alan Draper
October 19, 2016
Sales Management

Make Content Marketing Effective: Choose the Right KPIs – Part 3

Measuring content marketing effectiveness is a growing priority for many organizations as they try to justify increases in content…

Connor Brooke
March 27, 2016
Content Marketing

Re-Tuning the B2B Sales Role for 2016 and Beyond

Buyers today are informed, digitally savvy and squarely in the driver’s seat in terms of how and when they…

Jay Leonard
January 17, 2016
Sales Management

The Modern Marketing Reality: Marketing Starts with a Quota [Infographic]

A few weeks ago we talked about the Death of the Sales Funnel with buyers calling the shots for…

Jay Leonard
December 7, 2015

Turn Your Sales Team into Super Heroes

Our recent infographic on the Death of the Sales Funnel spurred many lively conversations with sales leaders.  In our  discussions, we wanted to understand…

James Spillane
November 18, 2015
Sales Management

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