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Tactile Touchscreens at CES 14′ Bludgeon BlackBerry’s Last Bastion of Hope

Say what you will about BlackBerry, but there was always one saving grace for their devices – a tactile keyboard.…

James Spillane
January 14, 2014
Mobile & Apps

Don’t Ask To Get SLAPPed: How To Avoid Social Media Lawsuits

My friend just got sued. Like a growing number of social media users, bloggers, and ordinary people who post reviews…

James Spillane
August 26, 2013
Social Media

One Step That Will Improve Your Chances of Running a Truly Successful Business

I’m talking about incorporation. Business owners who run unincorporated businesses are taking a HUGE financial risk without any sort of…

James Spillane
July 19, 2013
Small Business

The Best Tools To Get Your Home-Based Business Off The Ground

There are myriad challenges in starting a business from your home. Just getting the infrastructure in place to conduct business…

Jay Leonard
June 11, 2013

Legal Trouble? 5 Reasons Your Small Business Might Need a Lawyer

Business owners should always be prepared for legal problems that could come their way. It is wise to have a…

Connor Brooke
March 26, 2013
Small Business

Tax Benefits of the LLC vs. the S Corporation

If your small business is thriving, you’re probably wincing come tax time. Did you know you can reap many tax…

Connor Brooke
March 5, 2013

7 Things the First Amendment Doesn’t Protect

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom…

James Spillane
February 6, 2012
Social Media

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